Life In Cairo

Egypt In My Heart, Body & Soul…

On the 8th October my life changed. It happened in a series of events but the mayor change was on that monday. I finally moved to Egypt. After 6 years of living in countries not called Egypt I returned `home´.
So now that im living in the country of my dreams, with the man of my dreams, renovating the apartment of my dreams, I feel that life couldn’t get much better than this.

I therefore decided to start a blog about how perfect my life is at the moment!

I might have one small complaint about my perfect life: that im living on a mattress in an empty apartment waiting for my apartment to finish. This does teach me how to apreciate things we normally take for granted like hot water, air conditioner, fridge (to store cold drinks!), cozy lighting, sofa (maybe).

The blogging will mostly be about renovating my new apartment, what life is like in Egypt, getting into the fashion industry in Cairo, oh and about how amazing my life is.


3 thoughts on “Egypt In My Heart, Body & Soul…”

  1. Gleder meg til å følge bloggen din, Kristine! Blir helt “emotional” her jeg sitter og leser – jeg er såå glad du er der du ønsker å være og at du er happy! 🙂 Klem fra Heidi

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