Apartment In Cairo

A Mini-Update…

So here I am sitting in my new lovely apartment, completely finished, with all the furniture and the kitchen fitted…


Last week I posted about how excited I was to finally move into my finished apartment. Well that excitement faded quickly when the engineer decided to spend another week just painting the apartment… Oh the joy!

Let me update you on what is finished:

Floor…. And that is about it!

The walls have not been painted yet, I walked in last weekend expecting to see a beautiful purple wall in the living room, but instead I found a not painted AT ALL wall. So this week they will be painting, and then it should be finished by next week.

The sofa has arrived, but I dont have a key so I cant check that they have sent the right one, I mean this is Egypt, you never know.

I actually went to the apartment 2 days ago to check the floor. I walk in and everything looks good, and im thinking I can finally see things nearly finished. I look up at the ceiling and to my horror they have stuck some UGLY-ASS U.F.O. looking things to the light outlets. Who discussed this with me, the person that will live in the apartment? Do I want some grusome over-the-top Egyptian style things stuck to the ceiling?? NOOOOOO!!!!!! I went to Asfour Crystals (which is an amazing crystal-heaven light shop) and bought most of the lights for the apartment. You can imagine my disgust when I then walk into my living room to find these flying saucers stuck to the ceiling. The lamps I bought will not even fit with these GROSS things hanging there! AAAHHHHH I was so angry… Imagine if I didnt notice it, until they come to hang the chandeliers up… Anyways this meant that they needed one more day to fix this, because they had already been stuck to the ceiling.

Something similar to this...
Something similar to this…


The bed – Who knows… We have called them and I guess they will deliver the bed one day in the near future.

The kitchen…. Oh My God! Dont get me started. It was supposed to be finished YESTERDAY! He has not called, and we have called him but his phone is off! Yepp…. Im not even going to say anything else… I guess he will contact us when he wants to deliver the kitchen.

Crystal chandeliers will be installed on friday…

Im still sharing an empty apartment with cockroaches. I woke up the other night, went to the bathroom and met a cockroach. When I turned the light on, I actually dont know who got more scared, me or the cockroach! I have never seen a cockroach run so fast around in circles. I panicked and closed the door! (I actually felt kinda bad for scaring the cockroach…) Very smart because that meant that when I open the door again I have no control over where this cockroach is located. I went back to bed and 3 hours later I got the courage to go and kill it. It was GONE! And until today I have not seen it again! But im on constant cockroach alert!


But I say WHATEVER to all this. Im tired of stressing about things that nobody else is stressing about. The kitchen guy doesnt give a rats ass if he said one month and more than one month has passed. Im going to Spain next week and im going to take a break! Im also going to pick up all my stuff and see my dad, YAY!

My target is to finish the apartment before I leave on tuesday but im not sure miracles really happen… I guess ill just have to wait and see…


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