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Celebrating New Years Baby Style And How To Buy A Car But Not Receive It, In Egypt Of Course!

So I was just about to write I’m back, and I realised that this is a recurring thing. I post something and disappear for months! Haha this is honestly not planned… So I’m not going to write hey I’m back, because most likely ill write this post and be gone for a while again… Yepp its the truth, my life has officially become BUSY! I never thought this day would come when I don’t have time to eat breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, chocolate, dinner, chocolate, snack… Or play Candy Crush for hours until I have reached the last level… My life now is military style busy… Wake up, change diaper, feed baby, play with baby, put baby to bed, mega-fast tidy before baby wakes up, play with baby, feed baby, change diaper, put baby to sleep….. and on and on until bedtime… Baby’s bedtime is usually my bedtime! Shh don’t tell anyone I go to sleep at 7… Okay ill be honest sometimes I can manage to stay awake until 9/10, but that has to mean something super exciting keeps me awake… SO the reason I’ve been away is because I hardly find the time to take a shower, so blogging is usually quite far down the list of things to do! But ill try to move it further up the list to maybe right under washing clothes…

So I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas (yes that was a loooong time ago) and an exciting New Years Eve…. I went to Norway for Christmas… and then went to Abu Dhabi for new years… Drooooool! It was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to! Our first mini-family holiday, just me, my husband and our baby! We were super lucky to be living on the 24th floor and had an amazing view of Abu Dhabi… so come New Years Eve we were so excited to watch the fireworks from our room! At 8:30 my husband and I had slipped into zombie mode.. I was talking sentences that had no meaning and his hearing was being selective so we decided that instead of dying from tiredness on New Years Eve we would sleep and set an alarm for a bit before 12! That’s what I call celebrating in baby mode! So I set my alarm and we fell asleep within seconds.. I think my husband fell asleep on the way into bed! At 10:50 my alarm rings!! UUUGHH, I was soo tired when I set my alarm that I set it wrong… Zombie-mode deluxe! So I changed it and went back to bed.. 12:10 my husband wakes up and asks what time it is… Whooops, I check my phone and had forgotten to turn on the alarm when I changed it… So he rushes to the window opens the curtains and….. NOTHING! So we both said Happy New Years to each other and went back to sleep! This is what celebrating New Years Eve is like with a baby! Buuut then again we were up at 6 am the next morning, and I don’t think ANYONE else was awake in the hotel, except for the cleaners!

After a week in Abu Dhabi we got back to the beautiful and lovely Egypt… I thought Id tell  you a little update on how things work when buying a car in Egypt…

We had a Mercedes C-class which we had had for about 2 years when we saw that the new CLA was coming to Egypt… It was a car that would make you not only drool, but maybe throw-up a little in your mouth because of how sexy it was! We decided that it was a good idea to change to this sexy car, from the C-class… The car market in Egypt is very weird… They have these rules that no other country in the world probably has… Like never get a white car, it will get dirty really quickly and you will never be able to sell it because nobody wants a white car.. WHAAAT? White cars are the sexiest, and in such a hot country it would be perfect if you’re parked in the sun… Anyways, most Egyptians when they buy a car, they think about the person that will buy it when they want to sell it… YEPP, so considerate to think of your future car-buyer.. If im getting a car, I think about what I want and screw the rest… Im not buying a car TO sell it… Im buying it to drive it MYSELF! My husband’s brother had bought a used a few years ago… When he decided to sell it he made a profit of 10000LE.. YEPP a car three years older with thousands of more kilometers, sells for more than he bought it!?!?! No idea, don’t ask me why.. NEVER ask why in Egypt!

So we decided to get the new CLA and reserved the CLA180 urban with a Mercedes dealer. We told him we wanted a white car with beige leather seats… I told my husband that in the catalog of Mercedes they don’t offer beige leather seats in CLA180 Urban, but the dealer had promised him this… How? Another question you don’t ask in Egypt… Rip the seats from another car and stick it in ours?? Paint the black leather seats beige! Anyways guess what, a week later the dealer calls and say we can’t get beige leather seats… So we then upgrade to the CLA200.. And put down a deposit.. So this was when the CLA first entered the Egyptian market, so September 2013 (they started taking reservations)… The reservation list was long we were told so the car wouldn’t be here until March… That’s fine, we ordered something ‘special’ according to Egyptians, white and beige, so waiting a little while would not be a problem!

So March comes and no car… There were so many CLAs ordered that we wouldn’t be able to get the car until September. So September comes and my husbands dad wants to buy the C-class off him instead of selling it to the dealer… So my husband gives his dad the car and calls the dealer.. Its September, what day shall the car be arriving? Ohhh I’m sorry but it wont be until the end of September… End of September comes and goes… My husband calls and it’s at the end of October… End of October arrives and my husband calls them AGAIN…

Egyptian style… Wait for it… This is the answer the manager gave us:

I’m sorry but we cannot deliver your car in white and beige… Mercedes doesn’t accept orders for white car with beige leather seats anymore… We can upgrade you to CLA250 which is only 50000LE more, making the car worth a total of half a million… Then we might be able to give you beige seats…

There are so extremely many things wrong with this statement, I don’t know where to begin…

Mercedes doesn’t accept orders anymore? We ordered this car more than a year ago…

Mercedes doesn’t do white cars with beige leather seats? When you buy a Mercedes you can choose your colours, we are not ordering a Lada from 1970’s… And it’s not custom colours, its in the brochure!

Upgrade us? How wonderfully nice of you to ALLOW us to buy a MUCH more expensive car… Does only your dealership offer this kind of service?! WOW!

Might be able? To conclude this stupidity we asked to order the CLA250 and no, he couldn’t get it in white with beige leather seats…

LAST QUESTION!!! WHY THE HELL did you not call us when you knew? Why did my husband have to run after you like a stray dog begging you for his car than HE has paid for and ordered more than a year ago… When did you find out they ‘couldn’t’ take our order but could accept the other millions of orders from other Egyptians… And WHAT lie are you trying to cover up with these insane statements?

This is Mercedes… Welcome to Egypt… You add an Egyptian to an amazing company and the shit just pours out to all corner of the business!

So what now… Now my husbands dad has the C-class and we are stuck with our ‘extra car’! We went over to Audi, and now we are WAITING for a Q3… So lets see how long this car takes… We ordered it in November last year and were told it would be here in March… One month left… And yeah of course we ordered a white car with beige leather seats… If we don’t get it from Mercedes, we go to Audi… Next stop is BMW.. (Kinda hoping the Audi doesnt arrive, my heart belongs to BMW!)


On a happier note here are a few pics from Abu Dhabi holiday:

P.S. We rented a car and got a white car with beige seats… I think they knew our problem and wanted to make our holiday just that extra bit nicer!



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