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To My Hater Mr. Egyptian And Why I AM Allowed To Talk Unpolitely About Egypt…

So I’ve been getting quite a lot of comments on my blog lately, and I love it! I love hearing what everyone thinks about the posts and their stories too, so keep the comments coming. I also recently got my first hate post! I do get a lot of verbal hate from friends that read my blog and tell me to stop talking shit about their country… bla bla…But honestly I’m not talking shit about Egypt… I’m telling you the honest truth, what happens in real life and my feelings about it… If the stuff that happens is sooo outrageous that it sends my feelings to explode mode, then it’s not really my fault is it? If nothing sick/insane happened, I would be a calm, normal person, going about my own business, not sat here typing like a maniac in aggression mode, taking all the anger in me out on my poor keyboard!

At first I thought that there was nooo way I was letting this hater get to me… So I just ignored the comment… But then I thought about it and thought he deserved a reply just like everyone else who writes nice things about my blog. So I thought Id share with you this beautiful and kind comment from this so-called Egyptian as he calls himself…

‘I have a suggestion for you . You can go back to your country where you will not see Egyptians except your beloved husband!!!.Instead of insulting us in our country.Oh but guess what you left your civilized and modern country in which you didn’t find a job or husband and came here . In this country ,which you don’t like its people you married and have money to travel to Dubai. My advice is to be more polite when you speak about our country or LEAVE’

So I think the email he left might be fake (Just a small feeling!)… I mean how original… Anyways this is my reply!

‘I know you probably wont get this reply, because the email looks fake, but I will reply you anyways…
Thank you so much for your comment, advice, suggestions, opinions… Thank you for reading my blog also…
I would like to point out that I never forced you to read my blog, you came here out of your own free will to read it… If you dont like what you see, go somewhere else, honestly im not going to force you to read my blog, and I dont care if you do/dont…
I love your suggestion of going back to my own country, because I have done this.. I came here on holiday in 2003, then moved here to study in 2006, then did work experience here in 2010 and now I have lived here, MY COUNTRY, for two years… This is my country… So what if my passport is not green but red… So what if my parents are Norwegian… I moved to MY country because this is where I (ME) want to live… So now it is my home, thank you very much…There are a lot of Egyptians all around the world, so whatever YOU have decided is my country, I am certain I will find some there… And let me correct you…I don’t have a problem with Egyptians or I wouldn’t be living here, with an Egyptian family-in-law, Egyptian husband and half an Egyptian son… I moved here willingly, so obviously I don’t have a problem with Egyptians… I have a problem with the issues that happen in this country…
You just stated in your comment that ‘I left my civilized country’, which means that you are implying that Egypt is not civilized… Hmmm you said it! I actually had a job when I left Norway, and have had several jobs in Norway that pay the same salary a day, that most Egyptians get in a month… Yet I still left the country to be in Egypt… I didn’t search for a husband… I don’t do the Egyptian style of dating where you obsess over finding a husband and go all CIA searching for a missing husband to marry asap (before your ovaries die and you will rot a slow and painful death… A husband will save you!)… I met a guy and fell in love and then we got married… I’m sorry I didn’t fall in love with someone who wasnt Egyptian… I fell in love with the man not the nationality…
Now I don’t understand what Dubai has to do with me living in Egypt and being married to an Egyptian.. If you are implying that I married a rich man who can take me to Dubai then I’m sorry to disappoint you… We are not rich, my husband works very hard for his money… Let me correct you that we travelled to Abu Dhabi… As this was cheaper… We stayed in a hotel in Abu Dhabi, because we couldn’t afford the hotel prices in Dubai… The ticket there was free as my husband is a pilot, so we get a certain amount of free tickets per year that we only pay airport tax on… We drove twice to Dubai to see the place that was too expensive for us to fly to and sleep in… So before you judge my husbands or my bank account, why don’t you check the facts…
Anyways Im not making up any stories.. If this shit didn’t happen, I wouldn’t write about it… Its not my fault that this country is so messed up… Why don’t you tell Egyptians to stop doing things that I can write about because they are soooo insane!
I don’t need to be more polite to anyone… Im super polite in person, and Ive never offended an Egyptian in real life… This is MY (MINE, MIN, MI, MEIN) blog, and this where I vent out all my anger… this is my little place where I can say the truth about what annoys me… This is where all my bottled up aggression explodes, because I have to be so DAMN polite to everyone’s face.. So honestly if you don’t like what you read, DONT READ IT….. Its simple…
And stop telling me to go back to my country… I don’t know what country YOU have decided is mine, or why you consider yourself the country police, sending everyone back to where they belong!? This is my country and Im staying here with my EGYPTIAN husband and my half EGYPTIAN son…’

So yeah… This is what I have to say… Yeah I might sometimes hate Egypt so much I wish it didn’t exist, but I don’t hate the country or the nationality or any of that… I mean my husband is Egyptian, and trust me I love him… I just hate the lack of respect people have towards each other, the way they treat their children, the lack of safety, stupidity… I hate the negative traits that some people have… And many of the crazy shitty situations that happen… And I know this exists in all countries, that’s why I don’t hate Egyptians… I just happen to be living in this country full of Egyptians… So when some crazy-ass thing happens to me it usually involves Egyptians, so I take my anger out on them… Remember I left my real family,  job opportunities, freedom (driving a car, and no harassment), to move to Egypt… Most people leave Egypt to go to the countries I left, so obviously I love this country… And just because my passport is not green like all other Egyptians means I have no right to complain about the country I live in?!? What I should just accept all the shit thrown in my face, wipe it off and throw it in the bin like I do with my sons diapers?!

I’ve been really bad lately at taking photos with my camera so I thought Id share with you some of my amazing high quality(hahaha) Iphone pictures! These photos are taken last week from Paris… Im sorry but tooootally overrated… The macaroons from Laduree were so delicious every time I close my eyes I can feel them melting in my mouth, buut the rest of Paris is blaah… Now I hope nobody from Paris tells me to go back to my own country… But I didn’t fall in love like I thought I would… And to my one hater Mr., it was nearly a free trip… before you go all gangster on me about how im spending my rich money… My husband was flying the aircraft, I met him for a night stop in Paris (while he was WORKING), my ticket was free (I paid airport tax), he had a night in a hotel due to the night stop, where I slept for free… He paid only 5 Euro for my breakfast because he had a 20 Euro food allowance at the hotel… We walked to save money on transport… So basically the trip to Paris was free apart from the food, macaroons, airport tax, oh and I bought a key ring from Laduree… Is this okey? Or are we crazy rich people?

Please feel free to continue commenting, I love all your comments!

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14 thoughts on “To My Hater Mr. Egyptian And Why I AM Allowed To Talk Unpolitely About Egypt…”

  1. I just found your blog this morning and will now follow it. Like your honesty. I too will be moving to Cairo with my teen daughter this summer to teach at a Canadian school. Should be an adventure, if anything. Take care, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, Thank you for checking out my blog! Oh that sounds like an exciting adventure… You will definately not get bored here in Egypt, just remember to laught at the insane things that happen to you, or you might go crazy quickly! 🙂 Good luck, and i hope you love it here! Thank you for following my blog too! Kristine

  2. I love your honesty.. and I can totally understand. I too am dating an Egyptian Doctor.. I am a nurse and we met few years back where we actually worked in a same hospital before we moved here to Dubai.
    Your honesty is very inspiring… God Bless to you and your husband.. 🙂

  3. Hi, I really love your blog, I lived in Egypt a year and I was sometimes very upset towards stuffs happening or people 😉 But as French person (and as a Parisian), I just wanted to tell you to go back to my country! Stay longer in Paris, you’ll see that the city is not overrated 😉

    1. Hahah thank you, I will agree that I probably didnt stay long enough in Paris and I will definately be coming back! Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you come back to Egypt to visit and enjoy it more than when you lived here! x

  4. Hi, my name’s Francesca and I’m from Italy.
    I like your blog and every time I read your posts, I smile!
    You are genuine and very nice.
    I understand the meaning of everything you write, because every time I go in Egypt, I immerse myself in the Egyptian way of life.
    My husband is egyptian and we have a very lovely boy of 4 years old!
    If you like, I leave you my mail :
    In this way we can make friends and maybe next time we can meet in Cairo for a coffee!
    Bye bye, have a nice day!

    1. Hi Francesca,
      Thank you so much for your comment… Im glad my posts make you smile! I would love to be friends and will message you! Thank you for reading my blog and I look forward to meeting you next time you are in Cairo! Im sorry for the late reply!

  5. I believe you probably haven’t received enough positive comments (if there was any!) but seriously! It is a great blog!! And actually your posts serve well as good resource for anyone from Egypt who is positive enough to spot the wrong things and try to correct them rather than doing nothing but blowing up useless whines!
    Keep up the posts and never let any bad or harsh comment to prevent you from seeing the good side of the place.

    from Egypt

    1. Hi Mostafa,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I love it when an Egyptian can see where im coming from and not thinking about this blog as something negative. I mean nowhere else in the world will you experience what you experience in Egypt, thats for sure! Thank you for reading! And I hope my posts dont offend you, as truly I love Egypt!

      1. Hi Kristine,
        No offense at all! don’t worry
        Through your posts I only see objective criticism from someone who really sounds sincere and that actually reflects your true love and respect to the place and the culture and not the otherwise. Let me tell you that I have experienced even more when I used to live in India this is why I kind of see things from the same prespective as you do, and I see no shame on highligting the negatives because that reminds people to act positively.

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and to be honest it makes me feel, “Finally I’m not the only one who thinks the same as you do.” Although this post is about a year old, not too much has changed in that regard. I’ve been living here almost 7 years and am actually planning on returning to my home country. I married an Egyptian Engineer out of love as well, share a beautiful daughter with him and have loved/hated living in Egypt. Egypt as you said like any other country has things/people/places/situations that cause you to love it or just absolutely hate it. Thanks for your bold honesty. I’ve been told many times before if I didn’t like Egypt then to leave.. my husband was told to same thing (except he’s Egyptian).

    1. Im so glad someone else feels the same way! No way youve also been told to leave? I love how they market themselves as super welcoming people until you say one negative thing and its get out of my country you foreigner! Thank you for sharing your story and reading my blog! Hopefully you get to leave soon! 😍 Egypt is better whens its far away as a beautiful memory! 😝

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