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A post from the past about Egyptair and Cairo Airport like usual! 

Ive been gone for a while again! Im currently not in Egypt so complaining about it would ruin my lovely Egypt-free vacation! I have a post I wrote about a month ago while I was leaving Egypt that I never posted. Ill leave you with it and then within this week Ill post some blog/life changing news! So stay tuned! 

So im finally going to Norway to see my family! Its been 6 months since last time, well 6 months since I was in Norway, saw my family 2 months ago! 

As you all know I had to fly with Egyptair and I again had a lovely experience with Cairo Airport. Let me tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I cannot wait until the day that I dont have to call Cairo home JUST because of the airport. Yeah I know I dont fly that much but the airport just releases all these extremely negative angry feelings that I didnt even know I had! Its like a battle to leave the country through this airport! If you have been following my blog you will see from previous posts how EVERY SINGLE time I travel  I have a different experience! Travelling in itself is stressful and then add to that loads of extra luggage, carseat and a toddler and then ADD Cairo airport to the top and you have a recipe for a heart attack! 

Preparing for the trip was not hard as packing was just moving the clothes from Johannesburg trip suitcase to the Norway trip suitcase! I mean I only stayed 24 hours in Cairo, but yes that was enough! I decided that I would not bring my stroller this time as Copenhagen flights are always stand. This means taking a bus to the aircraft and with a stroller, toddler, 2 pieces of hand luggage, well I can tell you that I probably just wouldn’t survive! I would die one way or another either from stress, sweating or just over-exhaustion! I would have to first fold the stroller with all the luggage to enter the check-in area, then I would have to fold it again at the gate for security check there and the last time at the gate for the bus ride! Ugh the stress, just thinking about it! So I thought Id let my child run free and hold him in cases of emergency, minimum sweating and stress! I also decided on wearing ballerinas as I know now they always ask you to take your shoes off at the security check at the gate and I am not super mom who can tie my shoe laces, have control of my son and NOT sweat in 35 degrees! I also opted for the no-belt outfit as Im not in the mood for a touchy feely session! See thinking smart! 

Anyways I had a free ticket upgraded if available, clearly stated on the ticket as usual but you never know. I go to the check-in counter and hand over my passport and ticket. Everything is going well apart from that my son is trying to wriggle his way out of my arms while I try to control him and at this moment I realise I have some stupid brains cells that need removing! NEVER travel without a stroller! Lesson learnt! I place him on the floor and he tries to place his handluggage on the belt, the he tries to walk off, then climb the trolley, then push the trolley hitting someone in the process! So I hold him and he starts crying and screaming at the top of his lungs! HI everyone, yes my son is crying, and NO I’m not torturing him, I’m just holding him to prevent him from running away. YES I know I’m a terrible mother for letting my son scream and cry and try to slap me in the face because he wants to run away and be free… I should let him right? Well then you will tell me I’m an irresposible mother who is not looking after her child! The stares I got was as if I had just murdered a old innocent man and his dead body was lying there on the ground bleeding and I was standing over him with a bloody knife! Anyways I survived the looks and went throught to passport control! 

Im standing in the queue with my 15kg son on one arm, my handbag and his handluggage on the other. So 3 items all probably weighing about 400kg, or at least that is what it felt like! My son decides to poke the guy infront in the neck, you know as you do when things get boring! He turns arounds ready to attack and I throw in a ‘im sorry’ quick to smooth things over! He realises my son poked him and not me, so laughs, plays a little and then hands my son a large poster style tube to hold… Im sorry Sir but as you might have noticed I’m carrying already a tonne and definately dont need another piece to add to the force of gravity pulling me down! He has turned his back to me while I struggle with one hand to give it back to him… My son then gets frustrated and starts kicking me! Oh the joy. I just wanted to throw all my shit on the floor and hit the guy on the head with his poster and scream take ur FREAKING poster and can everyone stop annoying my child and giving me looks?!? Everyone just mind your own business! Grown ass business men are standing there with one cellphone and their wallet and ticket… Just themselves to think about, no one else, not carrying anything heavy except their clothes and dealing with gravity… Me on the otherhand have more stuff than my hands can carry and a toddler and I’m alone… So why dont you just turn around and stop staring and huffing and puffing because my son is crying and its a nuisance to your beautiful eardrums and continue caring only about yourself… 

I manage to survive the passport control and proceed to the gate… Go through security control and they dont tell me to take my shoes off! Thank God they didnt have a female officer so I was not touched either, rather a pleasant experience I must say! First time I’ve managed to keep my body to myself in a long time… Only 4 days ago when flying to Johannesburg I was touched twice! 
Then I had this elderly lady sat opposite me and she had not brought any in-flight entertainment. She didnt realise that Egyptair offers entertainment on board such as games and movies on the screen in front of her. Instead she picked me as her entertainment for the flight! Note it was a 4 hour flight! Everytime I breathed she turned and looked at me, I moved my arm, boom her face is staring at me… I drop my phone and there she is checking what ill do next! Oh the suspence, I sip some coke… Then I breathe in and out… Still watching… 
Food is served. If you have ever tried Egyptair food then you know what im talking about when I tell you it isn’t fit for human consumption! The chicken is like a piece of rubber, the steak is like a worn truck tyre… And lets not even talk about the seafood plate… I havehad diarrhea EVERY single time I’ve eaten onboard… I heard the guy behind me order shrimps… I said a little prayer and told him it was nice knowing him and I hoped he had a nice life! 

The captains family was on board. I noticed a paying passenger was sitting behind his wife and child waiting for the boarding to finish to check if the seat, opposite the aisle, next to them would be available. The captains family are upgraded and placed at the back of business. The passenger tells the flight attendant he would like to move… She explains he has to wait until everyone has boarded. They close the doors and prepare for take-off and just as he is about to move to sit with his family, the captians two daughters run to the front and sit on the seat he had been waiting for… The flight attendant gives him a sad look and says sorry. No the girls had not been allocated these seats, they had seats at the back, but prefered the front… So two young girls get priority over a paying passenger who would like to sit with his family. JUST because their dad is a pilot. The flight attendants were hovering over the wife and children of the captain, always checking if they needed anything. This time I got the upgrade at the counter so nobody knew I was a captains wife, and it was better that way… Its all fake when they treat you so much nicer, just because your husband is a pilot… Honestly I dont like this special treatment. I dont think I should be treated extra special because my husband is a captain. I want normal service and I prefer if you spend that extra energy on paying customers. If it wasnt for the paying customers, my husband wouldn’t have a job, so treat them nicely before you suck up to me, or treat me the same, but im not better!  

So that was the little Egyptian story for today! Always a pleasure flying Egyptair and leaving through Cairo Airport! 

2 thoughts on “A post from the past about Egyptair and Cairo Airport like usual! ”

  1. If this meal for business class then what about economy class ? it is not fit human consumption , you had to order special meal before boarding specially your husband works for Egypt Air

    1. I’m not sure what you mean with ‘I had to order a special meal’ as I can’t do that, I’m lucky usually if I get a seat on the flight hahaha! I wouldn’t go near the economy food, as I don’t eat the business food, but that is only when departing from Cairo. The food catering in other countries is always amazing… A shame really that Egypt, with all its fresh products can’t make good airline food! Hope you’ve not had to deal with any gross airline food! Thank you for reading my blog though, hope you liked it!

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