Apartment In Cairo

Step 2… No Turning Back

11 am – Neighbour next door calls saying the workers are banging way too hard on the wall, do we want to make it into one big apartment? How did the neighbour guess my plans?!  One more bang and your apartment will be mine Muahahahaha!

15 pm – Neighbour downstairs calls saying we have to be careful because his ceiling is starting to crack and water is dripping into his wonderful apartment! Oh crap! I told him we are installing a shower for him, free of charge!

As you might have guessed my neighbours have mixed opinions on my renovation as they probably don’t know how awesome it’s going to be in the end. I assume they know how disgusting it was in the first place because they see this everyday in their own apartments. No need to be miserable at other people not wanting to live in this disgusting mess! Anyways the neighbours might not be happy but who cares IM HAPPY! Joke, ill bake them some muffins, i saw this worked very well in Desperate Housewives, they all became such good friends!

17 pm – The engineer that is in charge of the renovation calls. Houston we have a problem! The main pipe in the bathroom that we knew had burst has caused a few other problems. The pipe has been changed, but the wall in the bathroom, the guest room and the corridor has been affected. The floor in the bathroom is completely destroyed from water damage. And to make things worse the pipe has leaked water into the kitchen, so the kitchen floor has to be destroyed too. All this water has leaked into the neighbour downstairs, so u can imagine how happy he is to know that he wont be taking showers while watching tv anymore!
But my question is WHY??? WHY do they finish the apartment to the lowest quality possible so that incidents like this happen? WHY did the owner before not care about his wet neighbour? Anyways i am officially a hero in my building for changing all the old pipes in the bathroom!

19 pm- So i walked into the apartment and my immediate thought was oh shit! Excuse my language, but it was a real shock to the system. It looked like a building site….

The living room!
Oh kithcen where art thou? Open kitchen here i come!
A little unwanted water!

So as you can see the kitchen walls have been removed. All the tiles and the floor has been removed in the bathroom too. It was hard to get a picture because i didnt want to end my life being electrocuted in my non-existant bathroom.

Basically nothing left of the bathroom!
Another useless photo of the bathroom!
Some places look more finished than others!

The new doors have arrived and should be put up as soon as the messy part is finished. The kitchen floor will have to be changed and some cheap ugly tiles put down before the wooden floor is placed. Things are moving! This is good!

4 thoughts on “Step 2… No Turning Back”

  1. he he! Du gjør virkelig ingenting halvveis, Kristine! Tror det må ligge i genene… Dette ser mistenkelig ut som vårt hus gjorde en periode. ;o) Du er flink da – og ideen om muffins for å blidgjøre naboene var slettes ikke så dum. :o) Stå på! Jeg heier på deg og prosjektet ditt!

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