Life In Cairo

Happy Birthday to me!

So this is just a little birthday post to say thank you for all the birthday wishes and amazing presents! Its also a post to rub it in that my life is so amazing and that im surrounded by so many amazing people!

I got a stunning dining table, superb handbag, loads of fatimahs hands and will be getting furniture for the balcony!

I also got a tourist visa from the Arab Republic of Egypt, but was far from an easy received gift! Will let you know all about this in my next post!
I did promise myself that this birthday i will do absolutely nothing but eat and relax and not think one bit about the apartment.
But here i am watching a guy install a white wooden cover for the washing machine in the bathroom! AFTER he leaves, ill not think about the apartment for the rest of the day! 🙂

Have a lovely my birthday day everyone! 🙂

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