Life In Cairo

Trying To Make Sense Of It All…

I’m a very logical thinker… it’s the way my schools tought me to think, logic… So I try to think logic on a daily basis… But this isn’t working for me here in Egypt, it’s actually making me quite insane… I keep trying to find a logic explanation for everything, and this is making me go bananas AND kiwi!

I live right beside a mall here in Rehab, Cairo… In this mall there is a cafe called Casino… Service is well, WHAT service… Yeah it’s that bad! Could take up to half an hour to get a Pepsi… Its a good cafe to sit in if you go buy some popcorn inside the mall and bring your own drinks! Anywhooo they have a super impressive menu… PAGE upon PAGE upon PAGE of amazing starters, mains, pages of desserts and even pages of drinks… So lets order something on the menu… Mango juice….ooooh sorry we don’t have that today… Okay give me a strawberry juice then…. ooooh no we don’t have any fresh juice today…. Okay never mind… Id like a vanilla crepe… Aaaaah sorry our crepe machine broken, maybe you want pasta? Okay id just take a salad then… Oh no the truck carrying the lettuce crashed on its way here so we don’t have lettuce… THIS is what it is like EVERY SINGLE time ive been there… they have an amazing menu, but that is all it is… They NEVER have whats on it… soooo, my logical thinking says why dont they focus on a few main dishes and drinks and always have this available… Hahahaha crazy idea right? I know why would anyone do that!?

The other day my boyfriend and I were going to his best friends house to have lunch. We were walking along the road, as ‘walkers’ are not welcome here in Egypt, no sidewalk here, no sir! … Walk on the road or don’t walk… We were minding our own business when a car driving towards us suddenly speeds up and starts aiming for us… there were NO OTHER cars in the road, but they head for us and of course the car hits us… We managed to jump to the side a bit so it didn’t hit us hard, but still… My brain in complete shock tried to reason… So I looked around to see if maybe he was trying to avoid another car… Nope… road was empty, just us walking there.. My boyfriend didn’t know them, id never seen them… So now my brain is going a thousand miles a minute trying to make sense of why they would want to hurt us with their car.. where they annoyed that we were walking too close together? was it that I was a foreigner and they were racist? were they jealous of me or my boyfriend? WHAAAATT???? HElllloooooo someone help me answer these questions… I don’t understand.. WHY? WHY? What did I do? Again my logical thinking driving insane.. maybe there is no logic to this.. maybe they were just evil human beings.. but then that means that they were evil and therefore trying to kill us.. so why didn’t they?! Ah it just doesn’t make sense..

Back to the kitchen guy again (my best friend in the whole wide world!)… Trying to make sense of his actions drove me freaking NUTS, ALMONDS AND PISTACHIO!!!! Nothing was logic, nothing made sense. We paid for a kitchen… He was happy with the money, we were super happy with the design.. Life was great… then he started being flakey… turning his phone off, not returning missed calls.. He would call back and say the kitchen would be done by then… Then would come and go and we would have to call and check up on him… The kitchen would be late because a machine was broken bla bla bla… Then less than half the kitchen was installed and we had to fight for him to come back and finish it off, even though we hadn’t paid the full amount of the kitchen… So my brain is trying to work things out… Why doesn’t he deliver the kitchen on time, finish it completely and sim salabim we are both super happy human beings… Why if there was a problem, didn’t he call us and apologize but the machine broke bla bla… I would not have a problem with this.. Why couldn’t he have called us to fix all the kitchen issues, why did we have to hunt him down, go to his office, call his boss, call the owner of the company, just for him to deliver what we ordered… I mean this is his business, job… this is what feeds and clothes him… If it wasnt for customers he would be a starving homeless person (Id like to say idiot, because that is what he is)… In the end he delivered the kitchen, even though none of it was what I ordered, but my brain is just trying to think WHY!!!! Why didn’t he give the kitchen on time, then we would have been happy customers and recommended him to many other people…. Was he hoping we would get so frustrated and angry and just give up on him and find someone else to finish the kitchen? I’m desperately trying to find the logic in this situation, but I think there is none…

Even the ants here in Egypt have no logic… I found one ant in the living room the other day, all alone… Then I found 6 ants on the washing machine in the bathroom… and today I found one lonely ant on the sink in the bathroom.. Where are they coming from? there are no openings in the bathroom… and why do I find lonely ants, don’t they usually travel together? And they are not typical huge ugly gross Egyptian ants.. They are small cute European ones… They are not dropping from the sky because I have a ceiling in the apartment, so I don’t understand, not even an ant expert understands how they get in… Maybe they have super powers… SUPER ANTS!!! Well your laughing, but nothing in Egypt makes sense, so I am slowly going a little bit insane, day by day… As long as it’s nothing bigger than ants I aint complaining!

Another weird thing here in Egypt is if someone dies.. Id like to think logically.. Either they die from a car accident, or they are sick.. something happens you know.. But some people here when you ask how did they die, they say they just did… Yeah but how, like was she sick? No she just died… Yeah but she has to die from something… Nope she’s just dead, what you mean something.. She died okay… The end…

Ummm brain please calm down, it will never make sense, just get over it… Just like a handbag in the desert… Doesnt make sense!


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