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Part 2 Of The Super Expensive Life Lesson!

So this is the second part… I really think that I enrolled into an anger management course instead of a jewelry course… So this is what happened next…

I told them I am not going to accept what they are doing and I want my money back… The secretary I spoke to didnt understand the problem… These where the following lies that squirted out of this so-called academy:

1. I wanted my money back because this was not acceptable… The fee is non-refundable…. Ummm NO ITS NOT… Yes it is, all the fees are non-refundable.. This doesnt say ANYWHERE.. It doesnt say on the receipt I got, on their website, their facebook page, NOR did she ever tell us…. The answer I received was: Well everyone should know this… HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA, well how is that going to work in the court of law- she should of known this… I obviously DIDNT know or else I WOULD NOT be asking for my money back, I mean im not a complete IDIOT, THANK YOU!!!

2. I was asked the first day about how the course was going by the director and I told her everything was perfect and I was so happy… This did not happen, and I really have no reason to lie about this… The director came into the room and walked up to the teacher… they whispered something to eachother, both looked at me and the teacher said OK! then on her way out the director smiled at me and pat me on the back… The secretary then proceeded to call me a liar, because the director DID ask me how everyhting was and I was super happy with the course… A pat on the back is not a question, nor is a smile… Is it because I smiled back, this meant I was super happy with the course?? Should I have burst into tears?? Im just going to ask you: Why the HELL would I lie about being asked a question about the director?!? The secretary told me several times I was lying! AMAZING!!!

3. If I wanted the money back before the course started they could have given me the money, BUT because I started the course, then its non-refundable… WHAT THE HELL?!? Tell me the logic behind this… Why would I pay money for a course and then ask for the money back before I start the course… I mean this makes no sense… Im paying for the course becuase I WANT TO TAKE IT…. Now if I start the course and realise that after 3 weeks you have been treating me like shit, ONLY THEN can I tell you im not satisfied and want my money back… If it was up to me I would love to continue the course, thats why I enrolled in the first place! They talked to me as if im playing a game of transfer the money… I send the academy money and then they send it back… and so on…MAKE SENSE WOMAN! No we cannot give you the money back because you started the course… AMAZING ARGUMENT!!! How can I know something is SHIT until ive tried it?!?!

4. I paid a foreign fee for the jewelry course, in DOLLARS!!! Here we go again with the completely retarted use of foreign money… My account is in a NORWEGIAN bank where we have NORWEGIAN KRONE… I have another account in SPAIN but this is in EURO!!!! Then im in a country that uses EGYPTAIN POUND, AND im transfering the money to the academy that has an EGYPTIAN POUND BANK ACCOUNT… DID YOU HEAR THE WORD DOLLARS THERE?!?!?! Nope I didnt either… but unfortunately there are people in this world with absolutely no common sense!

Okey I dont think this brain disconnector is properly installed, im feeling pretty angry at the moment…

5. So because my passport is Norwegian I am paying a total of $5250 for the course. One Egyptian girl that was in my class told me she was paying the equivalent to $2200 for the exact same course BUT she was getting 180 hours MORE than me… This is because she has black hair and was born in this country and I UNFORTUNATELY have blonde hair and was born in another country… I have the same teacher.. The same tools, THE SAME CHAIR… but im paying DOUBLE for less hours… Common sense??? NOPE its not here…

6. No books, no syllabus to follow, no information was given to me.. Everytime I came to class it was a surprise what id be doing because the teacher didnt want to tell me the week before… Or maybe she didnt understand my ENGLISH QUESTION: what are we doing next week? When I confronted the secretary about this she claimed they had a book and a syllabus.. BUT… WAIT FOR IT…. I HAD TO ASK FOR IT!!!!!! which I actually did, but I still didnt receive it after 3 weeks… But yeah they did have one… but they dont give it to the students… I mean that would be pointless right?!

Anyways this list could go on and on and on… But im boring myself right now… so ill come to the conclusion…. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you think id get a conclusion after 2 months… You are crazy….

After I was told they do not refund the money, they told me they could refund me 50%, NOT 75%… Why??? becuase they do not give refunds… But you are giving me 50% of the money, yeah but this is especially for you… so why not 75%…. Because we do not normally refund the fee…. Its like talking to a brick wall.. actually if she said nothing she would sounds much more clever! So I was promised 50% of the money back… they would call me and tell me when the money would be tranfered. Two weeks passed… So I called them… They need my account number… So I gave them the number… 2 weeks passed and still no money… I called and she told me she would call me back, she didnt! I called the next day, she would call as soon as she finished her meetings… SHE DIDNT! so I called back… The director with the bank account JUST left to Italy and when she was trying to transfer the money it didnt work, the bank told her she needed to come to the branch to fix it… She would do this when she came back… A week after she came back, still no money… I called and the secretary was JUST about to call me (FUNNNNNYYYY!!!!!!)… She explained: You know the problem with the country and all that, we are having problems collecting the money because of the situation of the country and the banks… Ummmm EXCUSE ME WHAAATTT????? There was no question of COLLECTING money the last month when you were promising to transfer this to my account, the problem was with the bank… So what have you done with my money then? Because we are talking about HALF OF IT ONLY!?!?!? You collecting my tuition fee from where? Do you have a beggar working the streets? you shouldnt have spent it!?!?? Anyways she would check with the owner and call me back to tell me how long it would take to collect the money.. OH MY GOD, SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD…

No phone call so AGAIN I had to call back a week later… She wanted to call me but she had a holiday so she couldnt… WHATEVER… They were wondering if they could give me the money in cash and in installments…. OH YOU MEAN INSTALLMENTS LIKE THE ONES I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO DO!!! When I first emrolled I noticed that the Egyptian students could pay the tuition fee in monthly instalments.. I could not do this because I was paying in DOLLARS!!! Wow, great excuse… COMMON SENSE?!? Nope… So now they want to pay me back in INSTALLMENTS and…… EGYPTIAN POUNDS!!!! WOW, im really stupid aint I!?!?

So yeah I hope this story teaches all you out there not to trust ANYONE in this world… I have definately learnt a lesson, but JESUS it was an expensive lesson… I would like to think there are some human feelings left in the people working there that they realise what they are doing is a complete scam and not fair…

On a lighter note here are some more pics of some jewelry I made at home!

faith1small faith2small faith3small


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