Life In Cairo

Aaah Egyptian Internet, How I Love You!

So, let me tell you the biig surprise!


Okay let me rephrase that to be correct… I have an internet connection but when I open facebook it takes up to 6 minutes to show the homepage FRAME only…
I am not a patient person, but Egypt has helped me a lot. I had to slap myself in the face though when I was waiting for over 7 minutes for Facebook to load! I might have become a bit too patient!

Anywho this is a small post to let you know that I’m still here, but the communication cord between us, also known as internet, has been putting a stop to our one-sided conversations! I will be posting as soon as the internet is my friend again!

This has been sent from my beautiful best-friend, also know as Miss Black Berry!

2 thoughts on “Aaah Egyptian Internet, How I Love You!”

  1. so is it true that internet connection along cairo really bad? im from philippines its been a week from now when my boyfriend always saying that internet cut internet gone internet slow so on and so forth. i always fight him recently because of that alibi.

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