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WHAT THE HELL!? Yeah Im Engaged!

So as I mentioned in the previous post I recently got engaged. I love telling stories, so I thought id share with you this little (trust me to make its a long post anyway!) personal cinderella story. My fiancée says that I have a problem… I talk too much and too fast… Normally when he wakes up he will wait a few hours before he calls me, because when I do talk to him, I talk a lot and jump from story to story… When he finishes listening to me, he says he feels like he’s just run a marathon and needs to sleep another hour… I think this probably has to do with the fact that I live alone, so I don’t really talk to anyone and im in a country where nobody (well some people pretend) understands me… So when I find someone who speaks my language I grab their hand and start running with them along a long path of my interesting thoughts and stories…

So here’s my engagement story… I would love to meet a couple where the engagement happens like in movies…A complete shock! I havent met anyone who has not talked about marriage before popping the question… I mean imagine dating and neeeever talking about marriage and suddenly the guy proposes… Firstly the guy must have a mental issue… Imagine all the reactions she could have… One of them being a slap in the face and running away, I mean not everyone wants to get married… Let me also add that the most important thing in a relationship is COMMUNICATION!!!! If you havent spoken about marriage and he proposes, WHOOOOPS! Someone is obviously not talking!!

Anyways me and my boyfriend (now fiancée) have lived apart for the last 3 years, only meeting for maximum about a month in total, in a year. It was hard, but if you can live apart for that long, living together should not be a problem… Anywhooo I don’t know if this is a positive thing or a negative thing, but both of us can tell what the other person is practically thinking… I mean he knows when im lying, haha, sounds like I lie a lot! I mean small stuff like if I got him something and he asks did you get me something.. When I say NO, he goes where is it?! Anyways we had been talking about marriage for a while… He started asking me what kind of rings I like… I sent him 26 pictures of rings all similar, all above $100 000. He was SO pleased! He went looking everywhere, both in Egypt and on his night stops… Before I left to Spain I sent him a few more pictures along with the address of two jewelry shops that had these rings… I know veeery subtle!

When I was in Spain, he called me and said: THATS IT!!!! I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!! He had spent the whole week checking out jewelry shops and even gone to the two shops I suggested. One didn’t exist and the other one didn’t have the ring that they had on their website!!! WOW, WELCOME TO FREAKING EGYPT! So… he told me to check in the jewelry shops in Spain and if I find something I like buy it… My mum and I went directly to Gomez Y Molina, a jewelry shop in Marbella. I told her what I wanted, she brought out the rings, I found the exact one I wanted, told her this is the one, paid a deposit, sized it up and VOILA!!! I had an engagement ring within 10 min of entering the first shop! NOOO this does not mean im easy, it means I know what I want, and they had it! I had been checking engagement rings since I was 14 years old, so I was fully prepared for the task in hand!

So now I knew that my boyfriend would propose, what the ring looked like, and when… Our 3 year anniversary was a few days after I got back from Spain, so obviously he would propose on that day… The only part of the puzzle missing was HOW!?!? His plan was to propose while flying a small aircraft over Cairo, but the night before the owner of the aircraft decided it wasnt a good idea, and cancelled. So my boyfriend had to quickly find somewhere else… He booked a table at the Revolving Restaurant. This is a restaurant on the 42nd floor (I think, top floor anyways) of a hotel beside the River Nile. The restaurant revolves with beautiful views of all of Cairo.

The day before our anniversary my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go visit his uncle who just had a baby… I thought: Great cover story, but I don’t believe you… I thought I shall play along with it to make it easier for you, so I told him: I would LOOOOVE to spend my 3 year anniversary at your uncle’s house looking at a blue/red newborn baby along with your family….

So on our way, I knew he was going to propose (yes I had given him the ring after I came back from Spain!)… I just didn’t know exactly when or how… I thought maybe the ring would be put in one of my courses, but most likely dessert… We sat down at our table and decided to share 2 starters… He then said he needed to go to the bathroom… I realised that he was going to get the ring.. I had checked his pants (that were quite tight) and his shirt, and pockets and there was no ring! He was gone for quite a while… I didn’t think he would give the ring to a waiter, because this is EGYPT.. You give the waiter your ring and he is on his way home skipping, after quitting his job and selling an engagement ring for a lot of money…

Anyways my boyfriend came back from the ‘bathroom’ (Car and elevator to get the ring!) and sat down at the table. The starter came and the waiter comes with a metal sauce bowl and says: This sauce is ESPECIALLY for you! I was like whaaat, I told my boyfriend that I thought we were going to share both starters… The waiter kind of stood like a little looser just waiting for a while at our table… I thought this was odd, but some waiters in Egypt do behave in very odd ways! When he left I looked over my shoulder and saw all the waiters huddled together talking and looking over at our table… I was like super annoyed, thinking we can’t even get a little piece and quiet in this restaurant! I started talking to my boyfriend and I noticed he started getting a little frustrated that I wasnt eating my starter… Eat, Come On, LETS EAT…

So I started eating, and then asked if I could taste his… Let me mention that my starter was Foie Gras, with 3 DIFFERENT types of sauce ON THE PLATE… I was kinda freaked out by the waiters reaction and also how he said the sauce was specially for me… So I casually opened the sauce bowl and there was THE RING!!… I completely freaked and screamed WHAT THE HELL!!!

I know, hands up to me for the suuuuper romantic reaction… But the whole night I was on edge waiting for the proposal, thinking would it be now, or in the main, or during dessert… THE LAST THING I expected was that the waiter would bring me A SPECIAL metal bowl with the ring… No there was no sauce in the bowl… My boyfriend didn’t know what I shouted ‘WHAT THE HELL’ for so I hit him and gave him the ring…

He then asked: Will you marry me? I hit him again and said of course! I got out his ring and gave it to him… He didn’t know I had got him a ring too! But it didn’t fit, too small! GREAT! I then got a kiss, for the first time EVER in public in Egypt!

Apparently my boyfriend wanted the ring to be under a metal cover or something, but the waiter told him they didn’t have this, but that he had a super good idea… The SPECIAL SAUCE bowl!

I feel like waiters do have a tendency to spoil surprises here in Egypt… Their weird behaviour when handing over my SPECIAL SAUCE and ruining the surprise engagement party.

Anyways it was a perfect evening! AND IM ENGAGED!!!!

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