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Egyptian ‘I Have Power Over You’ Issues…

You know an Egyptian by how he reacts to some super small annoying stuff, the stuff that a non-Egyptian doesn’t even blink their eye to. It sounds very countryist, but Egyptians honestly have a weird way of reacting to things. Their feeling levels is much more sensitive than anyone elses… Everything they feel is a non-Egyptian persons feeling x78 in intensity. I think that might have something to do with the country and not the people, because when im in Egypt I feel all my emotions a lot stronger. It’s hard to describe, but I don’t normally hate people with a hatred that makes me so angry, I might be annoyed and complain a bit about them… But in Egypt, when I hate someone, I hate them with a passion. It annoys me because I don’t like negative feelings, all it does is make your life miserable…. But in Egypt I hate them so much I can’t let that hate go, so I hate them more… If you don’t have to deal with the person you hate then its fine… But the problem in Egypt is that people love being annoying, and you might meed something from them, so they see that they have power over you. Because you need them, they feel that they can take all their own personal frustrations out on you, by irritating you in ways that you can’t even imagine. I’ll give you an example to help you understand.

When I was checking in last week for my flight from Cairo to Copenhagen I had an upgraded ticket. This means I bought a normal economy ticket but because im ‘wife-to-be’ of a pilot in Egyptair, I get a FREE upgrade if there is availability.
I walk up to the counter with my STAMPED upgraded ticket and tell him that my husband is a pilot in Egyptair and I have a free upgrade. I was on the phone with my fiancée, and to make sure everything goes the way it should (which it NEVER does in Egypt) he told me to give the phone to the guy at the counter. I told the counter guy that the pilot, my fiancée, wants to speak to you about the upgrade. This is what he tells me: I cannot accept phone calls while im at work…. DUDE you are kidding with me?!.!!!? I mean I have a brain inside this head and I know you can’t talk on the phone while your working, im not asking you to… I’m TELLING you that BECAUSE of your work and ABOUT your work, there is a phone call for you… Anyways my phone is covered in purple swarovski crystals, so if you answer the phone and your supervisor sees you, its noooo problem, because he can clearly see this phone is not yours unless, like me, he dont have no brain!

The counter guy ignores my request to just take the phone… Telling me I can call the operation and get a request for him to answer a phone call… Helllo!?!? I’m checking into a flight that leaves in 2 hours, im not here all day… And this aint my job….

He did a few CALLS which he apparently isn’t allowed to do on a purple crystal blackberry, but is allowed to do on a grey house phone….. Please just give me the rule book, ill read through it and get back to you to check in then… He then told me I had to pay 150$ to upgrade. I said it clearly states on the stamped ticket that this is a FREE upgrade. I have no problem paying extra money, if I HAVE to…. But I DONT HAVE to, and it says this on the ticket, you need me to tattoo it to your forehead to understand?

Then a supervisor-looking guy came and asked the counter guy what the problem was… He said she needs to pay for an upgrade and she doesn’t want to…. WOAH, wait, hang on, okey, im not sure we are having the same conversation here, because I never said I aint paying it… I said I don’t HAVE to because it says this on the FREAKING ticket…. Its like paying extra tips at a restaurant when service is included, its wasted money….

Counterguy tells him im family of a pilot, and I correct it with wife-to-be…. He says okey one second and goes to make a call… You have to pay to upgrade…. NOOOOOOOO I don’t, I have done this a thousand times before, the upgrade for family of first officers is free, if available… If there is no availability tell me, because I would like to be on the flight im checking in for, not standing here all day. The supervisor-looking guy does another phone call and comes back…. Okey no problem, the upgrade is ok, have a nice flight….. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…… You people are sooo annoying…. Why couldn’t we have this short conversation when I first came to the counter… Why did I have to fight for something that should be okey from the start… So after 45min I was free to leave the FREAKING counter and go to my flight….

I just don’t understand why they have to make all this extra shiite, and in the end its okey… I’ve done this before and its the same every single time… Except for when I met a counter-guy that I knew and he did it for me without a fight… They have a mentality of ‘I have the power and you are helpless so I can say what I want and do what I want, even if it makes no sense’…. I mean if you think about it, why did I end up getting a free upgrade? Because my ticket was stamped with the free upgrade stamp and signature of someone important in Egyptair. So why didn’t they just give me the free upgrade in the first place… Instead I spent 45 min fighting my way through piles of shit being thrown in my face just to get the upgraded ticket…. I wanted to take the ticket, rip it up into pieces, throw it into their face and spit on both of them… I’m not sure this would have made the situation better, but it would have made me feel good for about 5 min until I realise that I wouldn’t be able to see my family, because I shredded my ticket!

Oh Egyptians, make it a little easier to navigate stress-free through your country… Or I will become an angry, old, miserable, stressed out woman!

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