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Where Do I Belong… Where Am I From? Who Wants Me?

This is a sad post for a change… Not that I like sad posts, but being away from Egypt is making me sad… It’s not just the ‘being’ outside Egypt that is making me sad but I also have time to reflect on what life really is like there… Is Egypt the place for me and am I happy there? Wow so philosophical!

I have always hated Norway… I used to literally be miserable here, it’s the worst place in the world… That probably has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t feel at home, or welcome here… The jobs I have had in Norway have always been tourist based, so I don’t have to deal with Norwegians.. I have always been more comfortable hanging around the foreign co-workers than the Norwegian…. But at the moment im in Norway and im not feeling this hate towards my passport country… In a sense I feel way more free here than in Egypt… People don’t stare at me because of the colour of my hair. People don’t talk bad about me because im foreign and I have tattoos… At least looks-wise I belong here, but do I really?

Everyone always used to ask why I have a Spanish and Egyptian flag tattooed to my wrists… I feel that I come from Spain, this is my country… And Egypt is my home number two, my long-lost country.. They then ask where is the Norwegian flag?… ON MY PASSPORT, which for me is enough, because I honestly don’t feel Norwegian… Which makes me think, do I deserve the Norwegian passport?! Here goes me thinking all philosophical again…

I honestly wouldn’t have wanted to grow up in Norway, and I LOVED growing up in Spain… All these countries have made me who I am today, but it does make me a little sad that I don’t have ONE nationality… When someone asks me where im from I have to reply this long answer: I grew up in Spain, but my passport is Norwegian, and I live in Egypt… AWKWARD… Its like I didn’t ask you for your life history, but I don’t know what else to answer… I’m not Norwegian, because I don’t feel it, I’m not Spanish because I don’t look it, and don’t speak Spanish fluently anymore, and im obviously not Egyptian…

Where im working at the moment there is a HUGE mix of different nationalities, which is suuuuper cool, I love it… But there are moments when I envy them… They meet people from their own countries and there is this special glow about them when they see someone speak their language. Both ‘groups’ get so excited to find someone from their own country in another country… It’s like they meet a long-lost relative, all excited about that they come from the same place… When you meet someone from your country outside I guess it’s always kinda cool… But I havent had this feeling… I mean ive never seen a Spanish person in Norway and gone up to them and been like hey, im also Spanish… I hate seeing other Norwegians outside Norway (Please step AWAY from the Norwegian)… I do feel an AAHHHH feeling when I hear someone speak arabic around me, but I would never approach them…

Its weird, because when I lived in Spain when I was younger, people would ask me where I was from… My answer would proudly be NORWAY! Most people thought I was being rude and telling them NO WHERE! Haha, but then when I moved to Norway, I was like NO WAY do I fit in here… So people asked me where I was from, and I told them I grew up in Spain… Then they would tell me I don’t look Spanish.. Thanx for that! Now tell me what a Spanish person looks like…. Uhhh uuhhh, not like u!

Now I wish I could tell someone where im from …… (a country) and be done with it… It gets repetitive when I have to tell them my life story, for them to later decide for THEMSELVES where I am from..

Anywho this was supposed to be a post of how sad the situation of Egypt is… Back to the topic… When I finally find this country that I felt completely at home in, when I move there it’s completely changed… I don’t like talking bad about Egypt, because I LOVE IT… But honestly Egypt is not the beautiful country it was… I think the right term is LOVED it… When I lived there under Mubarak, people were a little frustrated, but Egypt was still a pretty liberal country… The Egyptians were beautiful people.. Now I don’t know if I want to call Egypt liberal… The news I hear and the things I see mean Egypt is DEFINATELY going the wrong way… Down a steep religious doom path… The people have become UGLY! Politics and religion should NEVER mix, because all your citizens should have equal rights. When you rule with religion the people who do not believe in your religion are ignored… This splits the country into teams… Teams fight…

I live near the apartment Morsy lives in… and honestly its ridiculous how beautifully paved the roads are toward his block, and how lush the gardens are, and how well-lit the streets are… You would NEVER think Egypt has both a water and electricity supply shortage… Just after the roundabout where you head towards my place and leave Morsy, the road becomes bumpy, old looking, full of potholes, trash everywhere, dead dogs on the side of the road…

So yeah im going to have to conclude the post before it becomes a book… In conclusion Egypt has changed, and this makes me sad, because I would LOVE to PROUDLY LIVE IN EGYPT… Who knows what the future brings… Bahebak Ya Masr!dhle 096 dhle 098 dhle 099 dhle 100 dhle 123             Why not park your car on the highway and change tire! dhle 130     Tired of your radio antenna being in the way? Shove it in your car boot!

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2 thoughts on “Where Do I Belong… Where Am I From? Who Wants Me?”

  1. the liberal thing…..not so much. More than 95 percent of the women/girls have clitorectomies. God, what does that say? Many performed by barbers? How can that be liberal? No the women mostly have lives that suck. It is shocking.

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