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Wedding Stress (Part 1)

And im back AGAIN! Yeah I start the post AGAIN with apologizing for being gone for so long. At the moment I work, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, work some more… I have no ‘life’! I know its my decision to work this much, and its only for 3 months. I’m starting to stress a bit more about the wedding… Some days are better than others… I have tried ignoring it, because if I think about the fact that im going to be a WIFE in less than 2 months, it freaks me out! It doesn’t freak me out in a bad way, it’s a super exciting feeling, but also scary and stressful. Not only am I planning a wedding, but ive become a holiday planner too. About 22 of the most important people in my life are coming to this wedding and none of them live in Egypt! As much as I plan ahead, and make sure everything turns out perfect, I have to be realistic and its Egypt, so I KNOW something will not go the way I have planned.

The hotel we have chosen for our wedding is The Renaissance hotel in New Cairo. They have a pretty garden with a swimming pool, that was perfect for our outdoor wedding. We have planned to have about 60 seats indoor, in a mini-ballroom that has patio doors that open onto a terrace area. We will have the dancing floor and high table for the rest of the guests in the outside area. The colour code is turquoise and peach/pink, so all flowers will be in those colours. The wedding planner was not very flexible… We basically had to tell the wedding planner EXACTLY what we wanted, because all her ideas were HILARIOUS! She wanted us to sit with our back to the guests looking at the swimming pool… Was she implying that our guests are ugly and should not be looked at?! But I think we got through to her in the end. I have at least done my part, explaining what I want. I have the dress I want and I have made my own fake flower wedding bouquet. She told me I can’t have turquoise flowers in my bouquet so I decided to show her that I CAN HAVE EXACTLY WHAT I WANT! I think she had misunderstood the saying: Its your day… She had misunderstood it to be: It’s the wedding planners day!… It was her decision and I had to accept…

The craziest guy we are having to deal with is the actual event manager. We first met the assisting event manager and he was super nice, all on board with all our ideas, very professional. We were shown around by him and then the event manager met us for the official part, contract signing, discussing price… My fiancée asked him if he could speak in English so I would understand. The first word in all his sentences was in English and he would continue in arabic.

He asked me how many layers I would like the cake… I told him we need enough to feed all our guests… Everyone laughed hard… The cake is not for the guests… ummm WHAT?? so who is the cake for? The couple getting married. One layer is real and the other layers are fake!? WHAAAT? I don’t want a fake cake at my wedding… Thats so sad… Me and my fiancée sit there eating cake in front of all the guests then?!? I don’t like…

So this shitty events manager starts asking my fiancée what he works as… When he answers pilot his eyes light up, and he continues asking a million questions… Suddenly we have forgotten that we are here to discuss Bahaa and Kristines wedding, and im listening to him interview a pilot… I slapped him in the face and we got back to business.. Joke, that’s what I wanted to do… But I patiently sat counting seconds that were passing and we were getting closer to the actual wedding date without solving basic issues. Like MENU!?!? Still havent received a menu… Anywho the event manager then asks if he does long distance flights… He was looking to buy a new Samsung phone and would love it if he could buy it for him next time he is out of the country… WAIT, WHAT?!? WAIT…

You are an event manager at this hotel and we are here to discuss our wedding… Where did you get the idea that this means a cheap new phone for YOUR benefit… My fiancée just told him he would check prices for him to make him shut up… A few days later he calls us, he promised to tell us the final price of the wedding, and sort out a few issues… My fiancée phone rings and he asks: Have you found out which country that has the cheapest offer for the Samsung phone?

Nope, have you checked the info for our wedding? Ummm no im waiting for the room prices and chef to get back to me…

Two days later…. He calls, he has found out that he wants another phone, not Samsung, maybe an iPhone 5… could we check prices?!

WEDDING, WEDDING, WEDDING, Let me remind you we are having a WEDDING?!? Forgotten have u? How about I get a tattoo artist to tattoo wedding on your forehead.. will you remember then? A wedding invitation thrown in your face, does this help? You want me to put my wedding dress on and run around your hotel lobby screaming: please help me plan this wedding?! Please let me help you remember we are planning a wedding, and we need information about price, menu, availability, hotels rooms, etc…

So we have managed to at least book the venue… We are waiting information about the menu, drinks options, room price, decoration, entertainment, dj, cake… I’ve basically got a wedding dress, and a bouquet.

Here are some pictures of the wedding dresses I tried on about 2 months ago:

First dress I tired on.
First dress I tired on.

_DSC4522 _DSC4527 _DSC4538 _DSC4541 _DSC4550 _DSC4557 _DSC4562 _DSC4594 _DSC4597 _DSC4599

3 thoughts on “Wedding Stress (Part 1)”

  1. Remember me? Marbella times? 😀 this came up on my feed.
    Let me start with a WOW you look beautiful in all those dresses!!! Congratulations on getting married and managing to get the wedding together, looking forward to seeing pics of your wonderful day! Oh and I wanted to say that you look perfect with the 2nd, 4th and 8th dress just my opinion 🙂 x

    1. SARAAAAIIII! ezayak habibti? Course i remember you, how could i forget! Aww thank u so much, ur too sweet! what are u up to these days? You making any more stunning collections? Well thank you very much, but the actual dress photo has not been posted yet, have to bling it out first! 🙂 Loads of love!

      1. Of course I wouldn’t expect you to bling it hehehe well which ever you pick you will look absolutely stunning. I’m alright and no collections I have been super lazy though I am making a hand bag when I finish it I’ll show you. Can’t believe you are getting married!!! Keep updating I want to keep reading its all so exciting hehehe
        Much love xxxx

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