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New Year, New Blog Look, Same Old Me! 

Happy new year everyone. I hope you had an amazing new years eve celebration and year 2015!

I have been gone for a while, way too long, but I just needed a break from blogging about all the stress with the salon, stupid Egypt and then I was gone for several month, without access to my beautiful best friend, also known as Habibti My Computer! 

But the good thing, at least for me, is im back and im not going anywhere… Well apart from the annual trips to Norway, holidays in Spain, a few family trips here and there ill be here to tell you all about it! 

I cant imagine it being ANY easier travelling with Egyptair just because its a new year! 

So thank you for being patient while I was gone, and ill be blogging at least once a week from now on, but a lot shorter posts, dont worry! 

Heres to another amazing year 2016! ✌🏻️💋

 Thank you all 4187 of you for taking the time out of your day to read my crazy long ass posts about egyptian stress! 💋😎 

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog Look, Same Old Me! ”

  1. Good to have you back… wishing you (me as well 🙂 peaceful, harmonious and joyful New Year in crazy Egypt (ongoing love and hate relationship)!

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