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My First Week With Egyptian Neighbours, And Loving Every Minute Of It!

I thought id tell you about a little incident we had last week… Well it was mayor panic mode incident at the time, but looking back now it just makes me furious, as most of the stuff that happens in this country does!

But first let me just explain what Egyptian neighbours are like… Nosey, Annoying, Loud, In-your-face, Interfering… I know a few of those words are the same, but I’m trying to highlight HOW annoying they are lol… We have been very lucky so far with no neighbours on our floor. Then a medium old lady bought the apartment in front of us on the left and all hell broke loose… She has been whatsapping, calling, texting, imessaging, ANYTHING you can do on the phone, she’s done it.. She has used and abused my number to the maximum, because back then when I gave her my number I didn’t know what Egyptian neighbours were like… But now that ive not answered her for more than 7 months she’s moved on to my husband….. Muahahahaha! Anyways point is she doesn’t even live in the apartment yet, she’s been renovating, and still she is calling about all sorts of annoying interfering things… She has been renovating since I first got pregnant…. and now my son is 1.5 years old! Id love to see what shes doing with the place, apart from killing a goat and letting the blood pour all over the floor, I don’t think she has done much!

The neighbours beside us luckily live somewhere in the Middle East, so they are only here on holidays, and I happen to leave each holiday, works out perfectly! Once though they arrived a few days before I left and it was probably the worst days in my life… Their TV was on louder than mine so I couldn’t hear ANYTHING on my tv… The wife and husband were airing their dirty laundry constantly at the sound level of a fighter jet! The children were constantly screaming at each other… I think the whole family had broken ear drums… They never slept, it was 24-hours of constant screaming, fighting, dishes, chairs being moved, furniture being moved, tv on max volume, slamming of doors… IT. WAS. HELL….

Anyways, back to the story… Some people moved into the apartment in front of us about a week ago… The first day I came back home and started unlocking the door… I heard someone run to the door, and stand there looking through the key hole, breathing heavily… NOT FREAKY AT ALL… The next day, the doorbell rang. As a rule I never open the door if im alone at home… Unfortunately you never know who’s there and what they want… So I looked through the peephole and saw the neighbours girl standing in her doorway holding the door halfway open and just staring, waiting for me to open the door… AWKWARD, and seriously freaky!

The day after that the doorbell rang again! My husband opens and the neighbours girl is in tears… She is hyperventilating, crying, hyperventilating, crying some more… She explains that she just got back from school and her mom always waits at the balcony for her, and she wasnt there and then she rang on the doorbell and no one is answering… Her mom doesn’t work, so she is always at home, she explains, why is she not answering… and she cries hysterically some more… We give her a Pepsi and some chocolate and a chair to sit on. And my husband explains that we just have to wait til they come back, but reassures her they will be back soon…

We called the security of the parking and checked if they had phone numbers for her parents, but they didn’t as it’s a rental apartment, and they just moved in. Then we tried calling the numbers her parents had written in her school books… GUESS WHAT… The number that you are supposed to call in CASE OF EMERGENCY, to inform the parents that something has happened to their CHILD, WAS FAKE!!! YES… her parents have written a fake number in her school books… That is 5 points for amazing freaking parenting that goes to our neighbours here! So if God forbid your child is in the hospital, well you couldn’t care less because you are not at home when your child comes home from school, so I can’t imagine you care about your child being in the hospital… Point and Final…

So here we are with a 9-year-old girl crying hysterical with no contact information… After 45 minutes the security comes up and says she can wait with him in the parking for them to come home… About 30 minutes later we hear them coming home… The mother and father (or should I really call them that, because they are definitely not mother and father material…) Let me rephrase… The woman and man who have been given responsibility of this child, but are not doing their job, came up the stairs with a large tv table… So apparently that’s the reason they left their child waiting outside for nearly 2 hours, because they had to get a table… I totally understand, I mean if you see a fine-looking tv table you just gotta do what you gotta do, in this case leave your child crying hysterically in front of the door, and then for a while with a strange man in the parking…

They were shouting at their child, claiming she should not have gone downstairs, instead just waited for them to come home, in front of the door… Then the little girl said she rang on our door and the man in our apartment helped her and gave her chocolate… The mother proceeded to shout even more at her, saying you should never talk to strangers and never go ringing on the neighbours door, you don’t know who could be there, it’s a dangerous world… WOW, just WOW, way to go on protecting your child from the dangerous world we live in… I was actually expecting a little thank you from the parents for keeping their child safe and calm for nearly an hour… Instead they give the little girl a slap in the face and tell her to never talk to strangers!??!

YES you should teach your children to not to talk to strangers, BUT you should also NEVER leave your children in a situation where they have to ask STRANGERS for HELP! Dont blame your child for bad parenting Mr and Mrs Neighbour….

I hope their rental contract finishes soon… The first week with Egyptian neighbours has been hell!


6 thoughts on “My First Week With Egyptian Neighbours, And Loving Every Minute Of It!”

  1. En utrolig historie, Kristine.
    I Norge hadde det blitt sendt en bekymringsmelding , men slikt finnes vel ikke i Egypt.
    Jeg håper disse naboene snart flytter! Fy søren for et leven det må være med dem.
    Hilsen Wenche

    1. Takk, nei tror ikke de kan ta imot slike bekymringsmeldinger her, de ville hatt alt for mye aa gjore! Takk, jeg haaper ogsaa de flytter eller vi flytter snart hahaha! Klem

  2. Poor child and ill ‘parents’… I have no words for this… hopefully they won’t last long…
    Your son has grown up so nice, little man he is indeed, best wishes in New Year!

  3. Love your blog!!! Makes me laugh like a fuckn crazy person; because well, I am married to an Egyptian, and live in Cairo part time (in fact I am headed to Cairo in 3 days-to experience some of the above very most likely!! 😝) I have spent the last year flying back and forth every couple months and it’s very interesting to go from North Dakota USA to Egypt and try to function as a family from 2 continents!! (Although, we are permanently settling in USA; for now though, thank god my husband likes the new house I’ve picked and what I’m doing with the damn thing too-because if he didn’t, there’s not a damn thing he can do about it!! 😂) I too, HATE Paris and found it to be horribly overrated, and promised myself I will never fly another connecting flight through that godforsaken city again!! Lol Anyways, I will keep reading for some laughs, hit me up sometime-we live in Maadi-and Id love some Suggestions from a fellow female on some good local shops for hijab and home decor (I have my favs but always like to explore new ones and clearly, my husband is not the expert in either of those departments 😂)

    1. Awww thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply! ☺️ hope you had a nice experience filled with craziness! 😝 haha i can imagine hes not an expert in those areas! I like never venture out in Maadi, but it would be nice to explore it! How long you here for?

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