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An Egyptair Flight Attendant Takes Revenge… On Someone She Doesnt Know!

I’ve been gone for a while as you may have noticed, or not! But I was on a soul-searching trip, with meditation and trying to find myself! Hahahaha actually I was just in Spain for two months having the time of my life! So much fun I didn’t have time to blog, or reality was I didn’t have internet nor a computer to blog, and I was a little lazy to blog on my mobile with my 3g network! At least im honest right? Well im in Egypt again, its okey you don’t have to cry for me, I do enough crying for myself!

So I had an amazing flight to Spain with Egyptair… I know all of you know my love/hate relationship with them and are laughing inside your heads, or maybe even laughing out loud!

I’m not going to go into details about the flight I will just leave you with a short story of what happened during that flight…

One flight attendant had a huge problem with me as soon as my toe passed the emergency exit door and entered the aircraft! She gave me a dirty look and didn’t say hi, when I said hi… Lets be honest, her job is to smile and be polite, I don’t have to! I went to my seat and she was staring at me from the galley… Then she came over and asked me to see my boarding pass as I was sat in a BUSINESS CLASS seat.. As if I had economy bacteria on me and was making the business class dirty?!?!? I showed her my boarding pass and she gave me a disgusted look and gave it back to me… Yeah, sadly for her I had a business class ticket! Kristine -1 point, Flight attendant – 0 points!

She served drinks to everyone and decided to turn back to the galley and not serve me any drinks before take-off. When the food was being served, she had served everyone except me… I looked up and saw her behind the curtain, point at me and give another flight attendant my tray of food. He looked very confused but came over with the tray of food… Dont ask me… I have no idea why she couldn’t serve me my food… But I got my food anyways although she didn’t have to serve it to me… Kristine – 1.5 points. Flight attendant – 0.5 points.

I really needed to go to the toilet and change my sons diaper so I headed to the toilet… She pretend played with Yousef for a few seconds before handing me a super dirty look. I went inside the toilet, changed his diaper and sat down on the toilet. Yousef was getting frustrated and started pushing and pressing stuff… I directed him to the cleanest area of this bacteria infested cabin and let him play with the door handle… He pushed it up and down a few times but it was fine as the door was locked. I said his name several times so that anyone outside would understand that there was a child playing in the toilet, as in more than one person in the toilet. I was just about to pull my pants up as I got up from the toilet seat, and the door opens!!!!

WHAT THE HELL!!!!! The flight attendant opens the door wide open to the other flight attendants and a passenger to tell me that the lock is here…. I don’t FREAKING care where the lock is… THE DOOR WAS LOCKED!!! YOU UNLOCKED IT…. TO THEN TELL ME: THE LOCK IS HERE!?!?! I grab the door and close it before the whole world freaking sees me naked and people start taking photos in their minds!?!?! I mean I will be honest and tell you that this woman is a lost cause… I have no idea what she exchanged for her brain but I hope it was worth it and super expensive!

Like seriously, who opens the door to the toilet when you:

1. Knew I was in there with a child.

2. Had locked the door which you unlocked from the outside in order to open the door.

3. You could have knocked and asked if everything was okey…

If you wanted to see me naked, you should have just told me and I would have told you GET LOST!

So I finish getting dressed and leave the toilet as gracefully as I can knowing half the aircraft has seen my underwear! The flight attendant is stood right in front of me and she looks at the floor and doesn’t look up until ive left the galley.. No sorry, No I didn’t mean to show the world your underwear, No please let me apologize, No can I make it up to you… Just a stare at the floor like I was the one who shouted from inside the bathroom: Flight attendant please open the door I want to show you all my new underwear!

Kristine – -520 points. Flight Attendant – An oscar of points! She wins!

I take my seat and continue on this amazing flight destination Barcelona…

I didn’t get anymore drinks and towards the end of the flight she handed everyone a chocolate except me… Because I showed her my underwear when she didn’t want to see it!

Then right before landing she comes over to me and asks: Are you from Russia?

No, I am not joking… She has avoided me the whole flight, invaded my privacy and then wants to talk?!

No I’ve never seen or met this flight attendant before. No idea who she is…

Welcome to Egyptair…


4 thoughts on “An Egyptair Flight Attendant Takes Revenge… On Someone She Doesnt Know!”

  1. Ah,ah,ah, what a scary story !!!
    Egyptair is becaming a very mysterios airline company…for many reasons…
    I hope not to meet her in my next flight in september; eventi because, my little boy, usually go to the toilette with my husband!!! And I go along…😨😨😨
    Nice to read you again, after a lot of time, always with a big smile.

    1. Haha thank you Francesca! Hopefully you will never meet her or just remember to wear nice underwear while flying Egyptair! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜

  2. Hope you made a formal complaint. It least it will be a record against her and she may think twice next time before being so unprofessional. Regarding the toilet issue she can always say she thought you were in distress but the lack of service in the business cabin is the unacceptable issue.

    1. No I didnt remember the name of the flight attendant, nor did I want to deal with what happened, it embarassing… So I just blogged about it instead πŸ™‚ I will though start making compliants official, for other passengers sake, but I think she might had had it in for me because of my husband… Who knows… I totally agree, that she thought I might have been in distress, but she unlocked the door to show me where the lock is… I mean I locked the door so I know where it is and I made an effort to talk loudly to my son, to show her that its my son doing it… Anyways thank you for reading my blog, hope you liked it!

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