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I am back and more confused than ever! But I promise I’m here to stay…

I AM BACK!!!!!

Where and how do I start.. No idea… But here I am… So many people have been asking what happened…. hahaha no who am I kidding… I don’t have many followers and the few I have haven’t even noticed I stopped blogging haha! But the few that follow and observe, I love you and I’m starting again just because of you, and the reason that I have no life, a few hours of extra time a day and no good series on Netflix to watch… I have actually made a few friends from this blog and I love that! So here I am… Ready to pour my feelings out again online and make a few new followers/friends/people-i-can-stalk…


I have long been thinking about blogging again but its been so much back and forth… should I get a new blog, start from scratch, what direction should the blog go in… what do I write about… So I’m just going to post a warning that I still have no idea…

I don’t travel enough to be a travel blogger, and a lifestyle blogger, well I have no life so that one is hard… I have two kids, but seriously, I get enough kids stuff shoved in my face during the day, I don’t really want to sit down during my 3 hours off and talk about kids…  let me at least pretend I do other stuff that be a mother… Fashion blogger… well hahahahahaha hahahahah, let me just go laugh in a corner for the next hour…. My daily outfit is what was lying on the floor from the previous day, and when that gets dirty I wash it and put it back on the floor, to pick it up next time I leave the house… With two kids I really don’t have time to compose an outfit… I’ll start with clothing the youngest, then fight with the toddler about his clothing (but more about that later), so by the time it is my turn to get dressed I’m just concerned about the clothes being clean and if they are not, ill just wipe them clean with a towel hahaha… so I could blog about what outfit I shall be wearing the next few months until the pants rip, buuuut that might be a short lifespan for this blog…

Makeup blogger, well, please excuse me as I go cry in a corner this time… My daily makeup routine consists of mascara from the day before, unless I had a shower, then its FRESH mascara… Eyebrows stamped on (don’t make that face… yes I have a stamp to do my eyebrows, I don’t have time to manually do them)… So yeah that’s my makeup routine… well it’s not really a routine, its wake-up and do the minimal to look human before leaving home… If I have a few minutes to spare while the toddler argues with me about not going to school I literally throw on some powder and blusher… but I do it so fast sometimes I miss my face… so makeup blogger won’t be the best option for me… so what other type of bloggers are there? well theres me now… I’m going to call myself a confused blogger… My motto will be blog whatever the hell I want! So there you have it…

Welcome back to my new confused blog… Writing about whatever the hell I want, but probably mostly about life, more specific my life… Of course if you have any ideas about what I could write about, let me know… or make your own blog and write about it hahaha

So a little update is required I assume as most people who read my blog just know that I lived in Egypt and then moved… Well that’s exactly what happened…

For new readers (If you know my history and don’t care, jump over this boring resume part…): I was born in Norway. but grew up in Spain. Did high school in Norway, then moved around the world like I had ants in my pants… A year in Egypt, Spain, Scotland, Norway (again)… Then after meeting the man of my dreams (in real life) I moved to Egypt to get married (No not right away, after 3 years of long distance relationship). I got married and  have been married for 4 years now, and we have two beautiful boys, a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old. After 3 years of married life in Egypt we left…

For old and new people: We moved… My husband, a pilot, got a better job in Qatar. So the last year we have been living there… well I say WE but actually my husband has been living there and I have been flying around the world with ants in my pants like usual! haha no, I left to give birth in Norway and then came to Spain to spend the summer. Then a lot of drama happened in the middle east and suddenly Qatar has been thrown out with a blockade… So we decided the best thing was to stay a year in Spain whilst things either settle down or don’t! So here I am in Spain alone with two kids, one in school and one at home… To be more precise I’m in Marbella… SHUT UP! I know a lot of you are like oooohhhh and aaaahhhh-ing at me like I’m in the beautiful and glamorous Marbella, getting massages, my hair done and driving my Maserati (not even sure how to spell it!) around town, dining out, but let’s be honest… I do school runs twice a day in a rental car and take care of my children 24/7 alone…. I’m lucky to have a beautiful home and no I’m not suffering but I definitely don’t have time to get my hair done, sometimes I’m lucky and get to shower twice a week, but yes that includes at least one child… and unfortunately the rental companies don’t have Maseratis… I know its sad…

Before I ramble on too much and start a book instead of a post ill leave you with a little story of what my life is like here in Marbella…

I had a few wooden long sticks that I needed to throw away… so I popped them in the car and realized they were too long, but still tried to close the boot as much as possible. The boot seemed closed, of course not fully, but the sticks were too long and I have standard muscle mass so could not break them in any shape or form… I slowly exited the garage which is underground. Driving up the hill slowly I see in the rear-view mirror, in super slow motion, the boot sliding open… I panic and brake… Yes, stupid… I know now, but in-the-moment my brain though it was smart…. Don’t judge!  SWISHHHHHH and RATTLE… The sticks slide nicely out of the boot down the hill… So I put the parking brake on and run out to get them… I say run but let’s be honest, I don’t run unless there is a fear for my life or someone I loves life… and even then it might be a fast jog…. So I walk down the hill, pick up the stupid sticks, and carry them bag to the car… put them in the boot and slam the boot closed… it doesn’t fully close as I mentioned the sticks were too long, but I felt the boot lock a little… I slowly start driving up the hill to towards the top where there is a gate. I push the gate opener and slowly start exiting to the street, when in my rear-view mirror I see in super slow motion the boot slowly slide open again, but luckily I don’t think the sticks are moving… I continue out to the street when I realize the boot door is now fully open and it is going to hit the frame of the garage door…. ITS A RENTAL CAR WITHOUT FULL INSURANCE…. I panic and slam the brakes exactly before hitting the frame of the door…. As I slam the brakes I hear a swishhh and rattle and roll…. There goes those freaking sticks rolling down the WHOLE hill… Then and there I thought about just closing the boot and driving full speed out of the garage and pretending I have never owned any long stick EVER in my life… But it would be so awkward when the neighbors arrive and see the same long sticks in my garden lying at the garage entrance…. So I WALK to the bottom of the hill and pick up the stupid sticks and trow them back into the car…. close the boot as much as I can and so slowly drive out of the garage hill… I enter the street in front of our house where it’s literally like 100 meters to the rubbish bins… So as I’m driving slowly with my eye on the rubbish bins, ready to get rid of these stupid stick forever, I see AGAIN the boot slowly sliding open and AGAIN I hear the sticks sliding out onto the road…. I literally want to go lie down next to the sticks and wait for the next car to run me over with the sticks… BUT that would be a messy situation and the sticks situation would still exist in this world… So again I walk, but in a super pissed-fed-up way to the sticks and then throw them in the boot… I close the boot and get in the car… I though this slow careful shit is not working, so I press maximum gas and I actually manage to get about a few meters from the rubbish cans before the stupid sticks fall out again… From there I angrily picked them up and threw them directly in the rubbish… I have never felt so relieved to see some rubbish cans in my life before! I’m not sure who I feel most sorry for, myself or my kids who had to watch me get in and out of the car thousands of times with these stupid sticks… I hope they are too young to remember haha!

Good night and welcome back to my crazy life!

Here are a few pictures of the littles ones from this summer:




4 thoughts on “I am back and more confused than ever! But I promise I’m here to stay…”

  1. Aaaahahahaha. My kids are annoyed because of my laughing-out-loud at my screen. I missed you. Please don’t disappear again.

    1. Awwww thank you for coming back! Say sorry to your kids, there might be a few episodes of laughing at your screen ahead… Thank you again for reading my blog!

  2. Do you remember me?
    I’m Francesca from Italy, Karim’s mum !!!
    We had to drink a coffee in Cairo but we didn’t…
    A coffee in Marbella??? Ah Ah Ah
    You are welcome, I missed you
    You can decide to write about every thing, I.m sure it will be funny !!!!!!!!!!
    xxx greetings

    1. Actually dear I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate everyword you write about Egypt that’s why I’d like to ask you for an audio interview via mail about your best experience in Egypt your memories how did you come and why you decided to stay your idea about Egypt and the Egyptian people.
      My name is Mayar Adel, I work as an announcer in the overseas program in the Egyptian radio
      Thank you so much

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