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My First Car Review: Lexus CT200

Tonight im going to honor you with one of my one-of-a-kind car reviews… As mentioned in my previous post I’ve been renting cars for more than a year now. So I’ve been changing car once, sometimes twice a month… Some choices have been very lucky, whilst other not so much… Lets just start by saying when you rent a car always choose the car that is a guaranteed model… I have had so many not so nice surprises when renting a ‘or similar’ car, because lets just get this clear that they guy choosing the ‘or similar’ car is most definitely blind… No question, there is no way a Hyundai Tucson is SIMILAR to a Renault Kadjar…. One CLEAR IMPORTANT issue here is one car is a Hyundai and the other Renault…. BMW and Mercedes are not the same, nor is a Ferrari or Maserati… Just because a car costs are ‘similar’ does not make it okay to put them in the same category to rent… I have rented both and Oh GOD let me tell you they are both horrible, but not horrible in the same way… But anyways back to the car review…

The car im going to review tonight guys is…… DRUMROLL….. SMOKE MACHINE….. INTENSE MUSIC….. SOME MORE SMOKE….. is…… is……. a LEXUS!!! Now don’t come here and tell me im all posh renting a Lexus because during the right season a Lexus IS the same price as a Ford Focus…. Note: with full insurance, for a month…

I know you are thinking: why the hell would I read a review about a car from a person who doesn’t know anything about cars?! Well you are right, but I am a mother and I do know something about stubborn temper tantruming toddlers and infants… And I do not travel light, so I am not going to get a car that cannot fit all my needs! So if you care about a review from a sarcastic mother, read on…

What do I look for in a car? Well I love it when it has 4 wheels, maybe even a spare in case of a puncture… I’m not a fan of tire glue, as I mentioned before I was accused of stealing this! A few doors is always good, to be able to enter the car from different points on the chassis… What else… oh im an air-condition maniac… The car has to have an air-condition that is so powerful that my eyes tear and so cold that my tears freeze… Oh and space… I need a car that can fit my many suitcases, prams and car seats… I like to enjoy removing my foot from the gas/brake pedal so enough space to move the driver seat back comfortably is always a positive thing! With kids im just going to say that the only way is automatic… I could do gear with one child, but two? That is my limit… One needs milk, and then the iPad falls on the floor, it needs picking up, ALWAYS up a hill or somewhere super inconvenient, i just dont have time NOR ENERGY to change gears… so here goes:

Car name: LEXUS CT200

Rental period: Yessss, I have rented this car for 4 months now, so I know my Lexus business!

Basics: 5 doors, 5 seats, 2 front light and 2 backlight (hahaha im joking…) 4 wheels… not checked the extra tyre yet! Automatic, Thank God! Automatic lights, the best, dont have time to turn lights on! Reverse camera, so important becuase without it I WILL reverse onto pavement/Into other cars/trees! It does have an annoying beep beep beep when reversing, like im not a truck…

Fuel: AHHHHHMAZING!!! I want a car that doesn’t use fuel and has a huge tank that doesn’t cost to fill hahaha! A full tank is around 40 Euro, and fuel wise I can go about 2 weeks without filling… No other car I rented was that good with fuel, but then again its a hybrid.

Aircondition: AAAAAHHHHHH its nice… Super cold, super fast… A very important point is that the minimum temp is LO, which makes me happy… Even in hot weather its super cold, super fast…. and not noisy at all.. I LOOOOOOOOVE that they have extra fans in the back on the side of the seats for the kids… The kids are the ones that suffer the most in the heat so that they have proper cold fans in the back is a huge positive! Not those small fans in the middle console that never work properly and just blow air on the back rows feet!

Space Baby Space: I’ve put my youngest who has like no legs behind me in order to be able to remove my foot from the gas/brake pedal… My eldest (3-year-old) was behind me for two days but it didn’t work for either of us… He was moaning about his feet being squashed and I was either constantly braking or pressing gas! The boot is super stupid because its high, so you can’t fit more than one suitcase… But its good for a kid who wants to remove and place his bag by himself, as he can reach easily. I can comfortably reach most of the items that fall on the floor CONSTANTLY during our car trips… and my kids are far away enough that they can’t hit me on the back of the head, not that they have tried…

Boom Boom Boom: Sounds system is a well…. Is there one? I mean it sounds like im playing music on my mobile just a bit louder… It sounds like everything is in a box, under the car… ITs excellent for playing Old Mcdonalds had a farm ei ei ei ooooh! But that’s it!

Baby proofing: When waiting in the car during school runs I bring the kids to the front seat. In these cases I like to know that they can safely sit on my lap, passenger seat without making the car explode with the buttons they press… Engine On/Off button is large and tempting right in front of your face and has been pressed more than 3 times, in a week! The light signal is easy to move for the baby and 4 times I’ve ended up driving with blinding lights in tunnels! The shift is super easy to change by a small kick and you are out of drive into reverse… Not ideal, but the handbrake is a foot pedal so completely out of reach for the kids!

Lock/doors system: The car doesn’t lock automatically which is GREAT! With two kids going in and out of the you want to be able to choose when to lock the car… And honestly I dont think anyone will want to steal old milk and crushed biscuits… It doesn’t however open easily, you have to press the key which is not ideal when carrying a toddler!

Positive: The doors are super easy to open for my eldest, which makes life so much easier… He always wants to open it himself, so the times I’ve had cars he can’t open, well I’m not going to get into details but I think going to hell would be an easier solution, than dealing with it! He can also open the boot easily and place his bag, making my life simpler…

Negatives: Constantly watching the power/charging arrow… As soon as you press gas the car starts using fuel and goes to power mode… You let go of the gas pedal and it charges, you press slightly its in Economic mode… It means you spend a lot of time forgetting about driving normally and instead watching the arrow to make sure you are not eating the fuel… very frustrating…

Most importantly my son looooves the car… I have experienced a few times when he doesn’t like the car, and people with kids will relate when I say it makes your life hell! Eveytime you got to do something in the car its “I doooooont like this car…. I want anoooother carrr….. whine whine whine…. ” So for him to say I like this car, and smile means it’s the perfect car hahaha! I know such a professional review! But when you are a mother, the most important thing is that your kids are happy right?

So because my son loves this car, they get to keep cool with their own fans, I get to keep ice-cold in the front and its automatic, and I can drive and not think about refueling I give this car a 9/10… The main minus is the speakers but Mary had a little lamb doesn’t require a subwoofer! So it’s just the space is a little on the squishy side, but apart from that I LOVE YOU, LEXUS!

I hope you enjoyed my first car review and it make you want to go out and buy a Lexus, NOT AN AD hahahaha, imagine Lexus paying me for this review, worst spend money in the history of payments!

Here are a few excellent photos:

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