Marbesol, low KM cars and me being disgusting…

So… Its been just 7 months since I last posted, and I said I was back, well im not going to say im back again, because apparently that’s what I say right before I disappear again… Well I don’t disappear because im still alive and moving around this world but I just have no time or energy or brain capacity to write about anything… I mean I constantly blog mentally and plan my posts in my head all day long, everyday,  but then after putting the kids to sleep I just want to stare at a black wall and completely shut my brain off… Being alone with two kids is not easy, and its exhausting both physically and mentally… And then having to basically renovate the house we are in 5 times, well you can guess that I’ve not had much time or energy for the blog… Now I know you are like ‘why the hell is she renovating the place 5 times?’, well dont worry ill explain…

So we moved here a year ago when the blockade in Qatar happened and we had mayor water damage in the main bedroom so the bed frame had to be eliminated… We slept on a mattress on the floor until I managed to order a new bed. When it arrived the delivery guys couldn’t get it up to the second floor! So after a month waiting they just took the bed back… Then I spent 2 months waiting for a refund so that I could buy another bed… During that time the mold in the walls was affecting my asthma so we moved the mattress to the floor in another room, and slept there while waiting for the other bed… when that bed finally arrived I had to start fixing my eldest sons room and bed… Got his bedroom in order and then we decided we would rent out our place during the summer, so had to start changing the bedroom layouts, and so on…. God this is boring… what is even the point of this… oh yeah so I’ve been moving things up and down every free moment, so that has also added to the not blogging… But now that’s done… So no more excuses, not even that I don’t have anything to blog about is going to be an excuse anymore, so be prepared for a lot of random boring ‘I ate a strawberry yoghurt and drank a cold glass of Pepsi in a plastic cup’ posts!

I thought id share with you all this new information my brain has been filled with since I’ve been renting a car for the last year… yes I wrote a year, because I have been renting a car for a year, well actually different cars, probably about 15 different types of cars… So not only will I review a few car models for you, but ill also let you know a huge secret….

People who work/own car rental companies are the biggest pieces of S*** not only on this planet but in the entire Milky Way… You have to be mean, ill-mannered, miserable and difficult to deal with to work there! The amount of crap I have dealt with when picking up and delivering the cars is beyond a humans brain comprehension… Where they find the ideas to make extra money from must be from aliens landing 20 years ago and giving them world take over business plans… I mean I was once accused of STEALING the glue that repairs tires if you have a puncture!!!! YES…. I didn’t even know that a product like this existed but I definitely stole it, because during weekends I sniff glue, and it can’t be any glue type.. It HAS TO BE the fixing wheels glue… It’s the best… I mean im renting a car because I DONT HAVE A CAR!!! So what the HELL am I going to do with tire puncture hole fixing glue… You see I don’t even know what it’s called. But it was 70 Euros, because that glue was there when I picked up the car and when I delivered it, it was gone… It was some good glue man… Shhhh dont tell them…, I mean shit a pritt stick is like 1 Euro so this 70 Euro glue is extra special…

Anyways a few days ago I returned a car again and got real special treatment… I have been using Marbesol for the last 7 months, mostly without a problem, that is because I have had full insurance, so everything is included, except a smile and a nice welcome from the employees!

I had the last car for 28 days and have two kids, ill let you imagine the rest hahaha! No the car was clean… I clean it regularly and threw all the rubbish away but my son had dropped ONE BISCUIT and this had crumbled under his car seat… Then my other son had thrown his milk bottle and it had made a milk stain of about 1.5cm X 2cm in the middle of the back seat… The rest of the car was clean… So I arrived and opened the door and was given a ‘you are a piece of shit’ look when I said good morning to the employee… Nice start… I proceeded to take out the car seat while this lady, well can I really call her a lady, lets say piece of moving flesh… So this moving flesh started huffing and puffing, and last time I checked I was in Marbesol and not in the story of the Three Little Pigs that huffed and puffed and blew the house down… So I hand the moving flesh the key and it gets in to make sure I’ve filled fuel full… Deliver full, return full bla bla bla, story of my life… I had and then the moving flesh gives me, a homo sapien the most disgusted look ever… It continues after the huffs and puffs: This car is very very dirty and disgusting and even though you have full insurance it does not cover cleaning of a REALLY dirty car… The way she was talking to me I first thought she was joking because she was so disgusted and literally called me disgusting for delivering this car like that… I mean shit, do you not allow kids in these rental cars? I get it if I returned the car full of vomit and feaces and smelling of urine, but COME ON…. It was one biscuit that when it mentioned this I picked up and put the crumbs in my bag… No this is really really dirty so we will charge you extra for cleaning of this dirty car… It calls a guy over and says in Spanish, thinking im an ignorant fool that doesn’t understand, How much do I charge her for this car, look at its, its gross… He opens the doors casually with a hmmmm, hmmmm, lets say make it 20 euros! Wow so professional, no spot diameter calculation, most cleaning companies have a fixed price per square meter, and I mean my spot was 1,5x2cm and the crumbs were gone… Anyways I continued to remove the car seats and prams from the car as it then called over another guy to call out the kilometers to it…

So he starts 5 thousand… and it shouts nooooo I want the kilometers… And he says YES, this is the kilometers, its 5200km.. And it grunts and howls and what the hells all over the place… ARE YOU SERIOUS, WHAT THE HELL, she got the car when it was 3000 something… WHAT THE HELL HAS SHE BEEN DOING WITH THIS CAR…. All in Spanish thinking I don’t understand… Even if I understand or dont, lets just make one FREAKING thing clear here… MARBESOL is a rental company that rents out cars… People pay to ‘borrow’ cars because they dont have one, and you know what happens???? THEY FREAKING DRIVE!!! THEY DRIVE THE CARS!!! I know it’s completely crazy and difficult to understand but yepp, that’s what happens, and that is what I did… I borrowed this car for a month to drive to and from school every weekday and then twice to Ikea to get towels and bedding… Should I have declared this when picking up the car? I obviously was not aware that the car should not be used nor driven as both kilometers and dirtiness is making this moving piece of flesh completely loose her mind… And lets just get another thing straight here, IT NOT THE FLESHES FREAKING CAR, so why is she tripping…

As I collected my stuff to go downstairs to rent yet another car from these lovely people, I got a proper nice goodbye… The moving piece of shit, oh sorry I mean flesh, shouts out we are just going to have to throw this car away and gives an evil laugh and all her colleagues laugh along, as I pick up my two car seats and drag along a baby and pram downstairs to say thank you, I would like another car to place in my garage, and no I will not drive it, nor will my kids enter it.. They will walk alongside the car at all times, never sit inside, and I promise I will not do more than 20km…

Thank you Marbesol for amazing customer service and making me feel that little extra bit more disgusting!

On a happier note here are a few pics of clean kids in low kilometer cars:


2 thoughts on “Marbesol, low KM cars and me being disgusting…”

  1. Sorry you had such a crazy experience. You’re paying to rent the car so nothing should be said about the mileage. Can you file a complaint (better business bureau) about the company? Your kids are adorable.

    1. Aww thank you! Yeah, right, im paying and as long as thet dont have any limits they shouldnt complain! But anyways the customer should always be right and talking crap about me while im still there is just rude!

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