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The First (In Many) Before And After Photos Post!

I went over this moment a million times over and over again in my head… How should I organise the photos… Do I do a whole before post and then an after post, do I add the renovation photos, bla bla, all the boring thoughts…. So I eventually settled on posting the before and after photos of each room…next to each other…

So drumroll please….. Let me just add that no apartment of mine will EVER be completely finished… I am posting photos now because I have run out of renovating patience, im tired of checking furniture shops, and ran out of money… Stop from all corners of life…

Hope you have a super duper amazing internet connection because there are a lot of over-the-top beautiful photos uploaded! Your computer might not be able to handle my stunning kitchen (well stunning… Hmmm it WOULD have been out-of-this-world if the kitchen I ordered was delivered) But this is EGYPT, you just gotta accept what you get and SHUT UP!

So this is my masterpiece (Before photo on the left and finished product on the right):

doorEntrance door… Or exit… Depending on where you are!


Puff where did the ugly door and wall go?


Beautiful light bulb left by the owners has been changed to a crystal lamp….


Sink has been replaced with one that isn’t the same size as the kitchen!


The window was removed…Or rather closed.. Who needs fresh air?


Now an open kitchen!


Here are some closer looks at my kitchen! As you can see on the wall between the bench and cupboards I have FIVE (YES 5!!!) electrical outlets… This is because I am superwoman and might suddenly need to use 5 electrical appliances ALL at the SAME TIME! You know how annoying it is when you got your microwave on, toasting a sandwich, heating some water in your kettle, making a smoothie and you SUDDENLY run out of electrical outlets… because you just need to….. Ummm I dunno charge your phone?! Who has more than 5 electrical appliances running at the same time?

apart 012

apart 019

apart 022

apart 023

apart 029

Check out my spices! One of my great shelf inventions!

apart 046

My shoes shelf! Ugly shoes stands? Then improvise with a shelf! Oh and of course the handbag holder! Who wants to put their handbag on the floor???

apart 049

apart 057

One of my many BEAUTIFUL fatimah hands! This one from Tunisia… Thank you amazing boyfriend!

apart 064

Who doesn’t love a little bling… Or MUCHO bling bling bling! Crystal chandeliers are necessary…

apart 074

Love it? Or does it make you want to grab a bucket and vomit? Let me know!

10 thoughts on “The First (In Many) Before And After Photos Post!”

  1. Absolutely great work ! love the idea of replacing the closed kitchen with an open one and the choice of the kitchen frame is lovely…am thinking of renovating my kitchen and thanks to u I have some nice ideas…hope u are enjoying your new appart…u deserve it !

  2. Wow! Amazing and beautiful! I found your blog today through an expat website and have been reading ever single post. I am planning on visiting Egypt (Cairo) in several months and possibly moving there eventually. Love your post!! Lots of laughs for me and I appreciate the in depth and honest way you share your experience. Beautiful family as well!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for checking out my blog! Wow your are one brave woman to be maybe moving to Egypt! Its definately an amazing experience that you will never get anywhere else in the world! One word of advice, be patient! You need loads of patience in Egypt… 😊 hope you enjoy your vacation and that your move goes well, if you decide to! If you need any help with what not to do, im an expert hahah, so let me know! 😊 thank you again for reading my posts!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You are a genius for having seen the potential while looking at the apartment the way it was before. Amazing job.

    I found your blog by chance when I was googling Mugamma, and it was so hilarious that I spent the night binge-reading your blog from the beginning. You are a great writer with a terrific sense of humour. So happy to have found your blog.

    p.s. Do you still have the beautiful apartment or did you sell it when you left to Qatar? Sorry if it is a question you might have already answered in a blog I didn’t yet read.

    1. Wow, I apologize for a super late reply and thank you for reading my blog. Thank you so much, I’m so happy you found my blog interesting! Yes I still have the apartment at the moment but we are looking to sell it, so if you know anyone who is interested, let me know! haha

      1. Actually, I have just recently sold a lovely beach-front flat in Alexandria. We sold it quite quickly and for a decent profit. The way I did it was by telling the door-man (bowwab) that if he brought me a buyer, I would give him 5% as a middle-man fee. We had a buyer within 3 months. You also have to be realistic about how much profit to expect, otherwise your property will sit there for years.

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